Computer Literacy

VCLA offers computer classes as well as online learning options for adults who are hoping to improve their computer literacy skills at work, at home, or in the community. 

Introduction to Computer I and II

These four week courses begin at the beginning of each month. 

Computers for Seniors in Lawrencetown 

This program is offered in partnership with Family Matters in Bridgetown and is offered at their location in the spring of the year. The series of 12 workshops is designed around the needs of the participants and has focused on such things as using email, manipulating digital images, basic computer troubleshooting, finding things online, safety issues related to the internet, as well as basic introductions to word processing and spreadsheets.

If you are hoping to keep connected with family members who live away, or you have just bought a computer and want to figure out how to use it, or you simply want to find out what every one is talking about, this class may be for you.

Workshops are presented in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

Online Learning

VCLA has a few opportunities for computer- based learning. Lexia and Reading Horizons software may be available for learners interested in working on basic literacy skills at home using their computer. VCLA also has a learning program called Plato which has both math and communications learning material. For more information, learners should ask their teachers or make a general enquiry at 679-5252.

Computer Refurbishing and Loaning Program

VCLA seeks funding to employ adult learners who are trying to get into the labour market in the area of computers, to refurbish donated computer equipment to give out to learners who are working with VCLA on their upgrading. VCLA accepts donated computer equipment, ‘cleans it off’, and adds educational software as well as free-ware assistive technology applications for adult learners who are augmenting their classroom and tutor-based learning online.